Wonky Quilt Block Tutorial

Follow this easy tutorial to make your own wonky quilt block. ANY SIZE!

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Wonky Quilt Block Step 1

Cut the center square for your block, my center square is 7.5″ by 7.5″. I am aiming to have a 10.5″ by 10.5″ wonky quilt block when I am finished.

Then add strips along all four sides that are a little more than half the width of your center block. I made my strips 4″ and then sewed them on in this order.

Attach the first strip to the top of the center square (Use 1/4″ seam allowance for all of your seams).

Wonky Quilt Block Tutorial, Step 1

Step 2

I pressed each seam open, but if you prefer to press to the side you are more then welcome to do so!

Attach the second strip along the left side.

Wonky Quilt Block Tutorial, Step 2

Step 3

Attach the third strip along the bottom.

Wonky Quilt Block Tutorial, Step 3

Step 4

Attach the fourth strip along the right side.

Wonky Quilt Block Tutorial, Step 4
Wonky Quilt Block Tutorial, Step 4, I press my seams open

Step 5

It’s time to make this quilt block WONKY!

So grab your ruler, place it on top of your block. Angle it how you want it. For myself each corner was twisted by about 1.25″ & 2.25″.

You can find the ruler I am using HERE if you want the same one.

Wonky Quilt Block Tutorial, Step 5, how to set up your ruler

Use some painters tape and mark this on your quilt block ruler so each block can be lined up the same as the last. This way all your blocks can be cut the same.

Wonky Quilt Block Tutorial, Step 5, adding the painters tape

Step 6

Cut the excess fabric away.

Wonky Quilt Block Tutorial, Step 6 how to do the same cut each time.
Wonky Quilt Block Tutorial, Step 6, the block in complete!

Step 7

To make a block in the opposite direction just flip your ruler over and line up the tape with the center square.

Wonky Quilt Block Tutorial, Step 7, making the same cut in the opposite direction.

Step 8

Now enjoy making allllll the wonky quilt blocks you want 🙂

Finished Wonky Quilt Block

The Fabric used in this tutorial is a line called “Brush with Nature” By Michael Miller Fabrics

How to cut a wonky quilt block the same each time.

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Beginner friendly wonky quilt block tutorial

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