Beginner Sewing Machines

It can be overwhelming to shop for your first sewing machine. So let me make it easy for you!

These are my recommendations to help you get started sewing.

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Beginner Sewing Machines:

I highly recommend Brother Sewing Machines for your first sewing machine. They are a quality built machine for a beginners budget.

They give you options for quilting as well as dress making. So even if you do not know what you want to sew just yet, these machines have enough features to sew what you end up enjoying most.

The Brother CS6000i is the one I highly recommend and it can be found cheaper then it’s newer model, the CS7000i.

The Brother CS7000i is the newer model and is just as good as the CS6000i. They are almost exactly the same.

Both Brother Machines work great and they share most of the same features. A perfect beginners sewing machine!

Watch HERE to see which Brother Sewing Machine is better:

Best Beginner Quilting & Bag Making Sewing Machine

If you are looking for a starter quilting or bag sewing machine that has a larger throat space, then I highly recommend purchasing a Juki. They are a quality made machine with a lower cost then most larger sewing machines.

But make note that they do not offer free motion quilting and many other features like the above brother machines do.

Whether you are sewing a large quilt or a leather hand bag this machine has a motor that will keep up. But make a note that it only comes with a straight stitch.

This Juki TL-2000Qi is a work horse. The perfect beginners upgrade if you quilt, sew bags & purses or home décor the Juki will power through.

The Juki TL-2010Qi is a bump up from the 2000Qi. It has a few extra features like speed control that could be worth the bump up in cost.

Both of these Juki sewing machines are the perfect upgrade from your first beginner sewing machine.

Welcome! I am Tamara and I love teaching beginner sewing projects.

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