Beginner Sewing Supplies

Here is a list of all the sewing supplies I used in my sewing room when I got started…and still use today!

I love using these sewing notions and so I figure I should share them with you!

Just click on the image to see more about each item.

Must Have Beginner Sewing Supplies:

QUALITY Fabric Scissors

Best Snips for Rag Quilts

I love my Rotary Cutter

Water Soluble Pencils

I love the angled lines on this one.

Self Healing Cutting Mat

Soft Tailors Measuring Tape

Get used to using a seam ripper

Magic/Wonder Clips are the new Pins!

A Bobbin Keeper Ring

Sewing Stiletto is a VITAL finger saver. Especially for beginners.

Magnetic Pin Catcher

Fabric Turner (helps turn narrow projects right side out!)

Must Have Quilting Notions:

Tailors Clapper Helps Press Seams Flat

1/4″ Sewing Foot (make sure you get one that fits your machine)

Many Quilters sew with 50-weight Cotton Thread. But as a beginner using an all purpose thread is still perfectly fine! Aurifil Cotton Thread is a very popular.

A Walking Foot is VITAL when it comes to quilting. Again, make sure you get one that fits your specific sewing machine.

A Rotating Cutting Mat for easy trimming.

The Best Quilting Rulers to start with:

Creative Grids Rulers have built in grip! I LOVE using these.

This Stropology Ruler lets you make lots of cuts without moving the fabric.

6 Square Quilt Rulers by Creative Grids

60 Degree Triangle Quilting Ruler

15 Degree Triangle Quilting Ruler

Welcome! I am Tamara and I love teaching beginner sewing projects.

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