My YouTube Gear

If you follow me on Youtube and are interested in what I use, check out the below list:

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I have two of these to record with, that’s how much I love them! I keep one on my boom arm all the time. And the other one I use for product photos and filming on my stand up tripod.

For my projects a Dummy Battery is super helpful! It lets me film when I want without having to worry about my camera dying.

The San Disk Micro SD Card with Adapter is what I use. And I have a bunch of them!

I have 3 of these Tripod Ball Heads on all my tripod stands/boom arms so I can easily unclip my camera and move it to another tripod with ease.

This Camera Bracket Arm can be helpful if you want flexibility with how you can angle your camera when filming. I have this attached to my stand up boom arm.

This Wall Mount Boom Arm is PERFECT for overhead shots which I film a lot of.

When filming I use this Light Box (I have two).

A Pop Filter is needed if you do voice overs like me.

I use this Mic for my voiceovers and love it!

When I film videos talking to the camera I like to move around. So having a lavalier mic is not ideal. That is why I like using this mic attached to the top of my camera so I can freely move around. (Although I am looking at upgrading to the Rode Mic and putting it on a boom arm so it is closer to my mouth when recording.

This is the Rode Mic I will upgrade to eventually!

This is the Lavalier Mic I used before getting annoyed with the attached wire.

And of course a tripod is important! This one comes with the extendable arm so you can get some good top down shots if you do tutorials.

This tripod I used back when I filmed with my phone.

Subscriptions & Programs I Use and Love:

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Epidemic Sound
  • VidIQ
  • Canva
  • Host Papa

I hope this list helps guide you to what you need for your filming needs. If you have any questions you are more then welcome to reach out to me. Happy Filming!

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