Best Quilting Books for Beginners

Below you will find a list of the best quilting books for beginners. They are bound to inspire you to either learn how to make your first quilt or venture out of your comfort zone and make a quilt you never dared make before! All of these quilting books are…

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Sliding Pencil Case Tutorial

Learn how to sew a fun sliding pencil case following this free pattern. What you need: Canvas or Quilters Cotton for the outer bottom Thin Cotton for the lining Quilters Cotton for the top slider Extra Firm fusible stabilizer for the outer bottom Medium weight fusible interfacing for the top…

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After buying my Peloton I realized my children play hockey WAY too close to my Peloton screen and protecting such an expensive investment is important! So I decided to buy a peloton cover…..and couldn’t find one I liked. So instead I chose to make one. Feel free to use these…

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Giving a gift to a teacher can become complicated, sure you could hand over a gift card and call it a day. And I would be lying if I said I never did that. But sometimes it is fun to gift something that can not be purchased. The answer? The…

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How to Make a Pokemon Playmat

My boys seem to think I can make anything and everything. Their latest request was for me to make them a DIY Pokemon Playmat, FULL SIZE! So I did. How could I not!?!? So I figured out how to make a pokemon playmat and now I can teach you! Youtube…

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