After buying my Peloton I realized my children play hockey WAY too close to my Peloton screen and protecting such an expensive investment is important! So I decided to buy a peloton cover…..and couldn’t find one I liked. So instead I chose to make one. Feel free to use these…

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Giving a gift to a teacher can become complicated, sure you could hand over a gift card and call it a day. And I would be lying if I said I never did that. But sometimes it is fun to gift something that can not be purchased. The answer? The…

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How to Make a Pokemon Playmat

My boys seem to think I can make anything and everything. Their latest request was for me to make them a DIY Pokemon Playmat, FULL SIZE! So I did. How could I not!?!? So I figured out how to make a pokemon playmat and now I can teach you! Youtube…

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How to make a Quilted Jacket or Quilted Coat

Quilted Jackets have become quite popular over the years and seem to have exploded on Instagram! But how do you make a quilted Jacket? 10 Steps to making a Quilted Jacket: There are two ways to go about making a quilted jacket. The first is with a lining and the…

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Gift Guide for Sewers

Looking for a gift for your friend who loves to sew? Then this list of 24 items to gift a sewer is the right one for you! I also have a list of 35 beginner sewing tools that would make great gifts as well. And if you are looking for…

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