Sewing Supplies for Beginners

Here you will find two lists to help you find the important sewing supplies for beginners.

First we will start with the absolute NEEDS for beginners…then follow up with a few WANTS that you will enjoy having if you already have all the basics.

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Sewing Machine Recommendations:

Sewing Machine – I recommend making sure the sewing machine allows the bobbin to load from the top not from the front.

For a full, in depth look at sewing machines I recommend checking out my sewing machine post here.

Image of Old Sewing Machine

But for a quick review, these are the beginner sewing machines I recommend:

  • For Heavy Duty Sewing & Bag Making: Heavy Duty Singer Sewing Machine.
  • For Hobby and Quilting: Brother Sewing Machine.
  • Garment Sewing: Either one of the above recommended machines would work great. The Heavy Duty Machine will power through thicker fabric but the Brother Machine comes with a lot more accessories.

DO NOT BUY this sewing machine….it will not allow you to sew anything of worth. It will just make you hate sewing.

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NEEDED Sewing Supplies for Beginners:

  • Sewing Stiletto: This is a MUST for beginners, it will keep your fingers safe from the sewing needle.
  • Extra Sewing Machine Needles: Use the correct needle for the correct fabric. If you are starting out I would purchase some Universal Needles and some Jean Needles.
  • Soft Tape Measure: This flexible measuring tape is incredibly useful.
  • Sewing Gauge: I use this little measuring tool in every one of my projects.
  • Seam Ripper: Get one that fits in your hand nicely.
  • Pins: Make sure the pins you purchase have heat resistant heads.
  • Iron & Ironing Board: Basics in this catagory are just fine. You can even get a mini ironing board if your space is small.
  • Extra Bobbins: Make sure you use the correct bobbin for your machine. Plastic Bobbins are often used in newer machines and metal bobbins are used in older machines.
  • One Marking Tool: There are so many options! I recommend this water soluble marker or this heat erasable frixion pen. A marking pencil can work but they are not my fav, and chalk works too but I find it messy.
  • Fabric Scissors: This is where you want to spend your money, don’t go cheap on this item! I recommend Gingher Scissors. But if you really need a budget option, I recommend Kai Scissors.
  • Dusting Kit: Use this dusting kit to keep your sewing machine free of lint.
  • Surge Protector: If you have a sewing machine with any computer components you MUST use a surge protector. Trust me…..
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Sewing WANTS after you have the NEEDS:

These items are ever so helpful when you are sewing but shouldn’t be purchased until after you have gathered everything in the “needs” Category first.

In THIS VIDEO I share my opinions regarding all these recommended sewing supplies.

Youtube Thumbnail for video that walks you through everything listed in this blog post.

Beginner Sewing Projects you will Enjoy Making:

I hope you found this post helpful, and Happy Sewing!!

Welcome! I am Tamara and I love teaching beginner sewing projects.

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