Tote Bag Sewing Tutorial

This is the best tote bag sewing tutorial for any beginner sewer to start with.

Tote Bag with flowers in it hung on a fence.

You only need one piece of canvas fabric and your basic sewing tools.

two more angles of the easy to sew tote bag

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Tote Bags Finished Size:

  • Body of Tote Bag: 15.5″ High by 14″ Wide.
  • Handles: 10″ from the top of the tote bag to the top of the strap.

You Will Need:

Cut List:

  • Cut the main fabric at 15″ by 35″
  • Cut 2 pieces for the straps at 3″ by 27″

Watch the Video Tutorial HERE:

To follow along and put your beginner tote bag together, watch all the steps in this video tutorial.

Tote Bag Sewing Tutorial (Step by Step):

  1. Cut all three pieces of fabric.
  2. Fold the main piece in half (Right Sides Together).
  3. Sew 1/2″ Seam Allowance along both sides.
  4. Sew a zig zag stitch along both sides to stop the fabric from fraying.
  5. Make the straps by folding both edges in 1/2″ and press.
  6. Then fold the strap in half, pin.
  7. Sew 1/8″ seam allowance along both sides of the straps.
  8. Do step 5-7 for both strap pieces.
  9. Take the main tote bag piece, fold the top edge over 1/2″, press.
  10. Fold this same edge on the tote bag over 1″, press & pin in place.
  11. Mark 3″ in from both side seams.
  12. Line up the outside edge of the strap along the 3″ marks and tuck under the 1″ fold.
  13. Sew 1/8″ seam allowance along the inside edge of the fold.
  14. Flip the straps upwards, pin in place.
  15. Sew 1/8″ seam allowance along the top edge of the tote bag.
  16. Sew an X formation along all four straps where they connect with the tote bag.

And that is how you can sew an easy tote bag! I hope you enjoyed the process 🙂

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Follow this step by step tutorial to sew a beginner friendly tote bag. This tote bag sewing tutorial has a video tutorial as well as a blog post with everything written out for you. This is a super easy beginner friendly sewing tutorial.

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