The Best Snap Set to Buy: Plastic VRS Metal

It can be overwhelming, trying to figure out which is the best snap set to buy for a beginner sewer.

I purchased a few different sets and tested them out. So I can show you what is the best snap set to buy depending on your needs.

Metals snap set vrs plastic snap set, which one is the best snap set to buy?

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The two main choices for snaps sets are Plastic Snap Sets and Metal Snap Sets. However there is actually a third heavy duty option which I will show you at the end.

Metal Snap Sets:

I like to use these snap sets when I do small things like baby gifts.

The metal snap set

This is a 5 point gauge system, which means that the back end of the snaps have a claw. This claw has 5 points on it that push through the fabric layers and into the snap on the other side.

If your fabric is too thick, these metal snaps will not work. But if you are working with thin layers and you want metal snaps then this set may be the right option for you.

How the metal snaps look

However, before you make that purchase, let me talk to you about the benefits of a plastic snap set.

Buy the metal snap set HERE.

Plastic Snap Sets:

This plastic snap set is perfect for many fun projects because they come in so many colors!

the plastic snap set that can be purchased

The way plastic snaps work: The back end of the snap has a long center plastic piece that will get squished into the other end of the snap. But before this is done, you need to put a hole into your fabric.

Often plastic snap sets will come with a sharp tool that you can use to push a hole through the fabric.

The great thing about the plastic snaps is that they can go through thicker layers of fabric.

Because the plastic snap has a long center piece it works well with thicker layers.

The plastic snaps and what they look like

Buy the plastic snap set HERE.

What is the Best Snap Set to Buy?

Well, if you can’t decide….then I recommend getting a set that can do both!

Check out this set if you want both the plastic snaps AND the metal snaps. You will just change out the ends depending on what snap you want to use.

Wallets done by all three different snap systems

BUT, if you only want the one….I would recommend the plastic snap set. I find it is more versatile and less frustrating then the metal snap set.

But if you are working with clothing or thinner layers of fabric , then the 5 point gauge system will be a good option for you.

But WAIT! There is one more thing to consider!

Are you planning on making a lot of projects that need snaps? Or perhaps your desire is to jump into bag making?

This is a KAMsnap press that is great for bagmaking.

Then the larger Kamsnap system is the best snap set to buy. Or perhaps I should say, “to invest in”.

This KAMsnap system is my favorite, but it is expensive and only necessary if you are diving into the deep end of bag making or bulk sew and sell projects.

The nice thing about the KAMsnap set is that you can buy many different kinds of snaps and rivets, as well as all different sizes too. But with each size and type you will need to buy a different attachment for your press.

So keep that in mind when calculating the cost!

You can also buy cheaper presses HERE but I don’t know much about them.

Watch this video to see my review of the best snap set to buy:

In this video you will also see how each snap set works. This will help you figure out the best snap set to buy for your sewing needs.


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