Respectful Adoption Language

This post was originally published in 2014 on my old blog. I believe the context still holds value so I wanted to start a conversation about respectful adoption language here. Respectful Adoption Language: I have been mulling over writing about respectful adoption language ever since I started this blog, yet I keep…

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DIY Advent Calendar Tree made from a Pallet!

I got the idea for this Advent Calendar Tree when I started seeing DIY’s of wooden pallet trees all over pinterest. I used to have a smaller advent calendar that could hold small things like a Hersheys kiss. But I wanted to get our family away from all the candy…

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Life Update 2017

Well, I have clearly been absent from this site….and no one has noticed. lol!!!! Why? No one asked…. Because I got a job! I’m officially a secretary! Let’s rewind a minute. All summer long I was in a mini state of panic. My baby was headed to grade one……GRADE ONE!…

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