Sew a Gift Card Holder

This is a simple, beginner friendly project where you will sew a gift card holder.

I love sewing items as gifts for my nieces and nephews. But some of them are getting older now and I am finding that a gift card is much more appreciated these days.

Finished gift card holder with gift card displayed inside.
Finished gift card holder with the snap installed.

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But since I like to sew I decided to gift the gift card in this easy to sew gift card holder (and if I am really lazy I will just throw some cash in the holder!).

Sew a Gift Card Holder:

You Will Need:

Cutting List:

  • Cut two pieces of cotton at 8″ by 5″
  • Cut one piece of thin batting at 8″ by 5″

Steps to Sew a Gift Card Holder:

Lay the three pieces together in this order:

  • Cotton layer right side up
  • Cotton layer on top right side down
  • Batting layer on top of these two cotton pieces
How to lay the fabrics together when making your gift card holder

Mark the center of one of the short ends.

Mark 1/2″ down on both long sides.

Then trim from 1/2″ mark up to the center point. This will create the point of the flap.

Where to cut your point before sewing the holder

Pin these three layers together.

Sew 1/4″ Seam Allowance around the entire piece leaving a 2″ opening along the bottom short edge (It is easier to do this using a 1/4″ Sewing Foot).

When sewing the 3 layers together, I found it was easiest to sew with the batting side face down and the fabric side face up. This makes it easier for the sewing foot to follow along the edge.

Trim away the excess fabric

Trim away the points and any excess fabric.

Turn right side out, gently press the corners out and press the project flat.

Turn right side out, press and sew a seam along the bottom edge.

Sew a Scant 1/4″ Seam along the bottom edge. This will close the opening shut.

Fold the bottom short edge up, 2.5″, Press and Pin in place.

Here you see where to fold and sew your project into a gift card holder.

Sew a scant 1/4″ Seam around the entire edge including the bottom. It is easiest to start on a side edge (not a corner), preferably on a single layer before sewing towards the thicker double layer.

A Sewing Stiletto will help you get the project moving if it gets hung up on any of the thicker areas. It really is my all time FAVORITE sewing tool. And it helps keep those fingers safe!

Image of many different gift card holder I have sewn.

Add a snap or sew some velcro onto your project to finish sewing up your beautiful gift card holder.

What snap set should you use?

I suggest using this plastic set.

This is the plastic snap set I love using for my sewing projects

If you want to learn more about the many different snap sets there are check out my SNAP SET REVIEW HERE.

If you choose to add velcro instead, I recommend buying non adhesive backing velcro. The adhesive kinds will gum up your sewing needle and cause you extra frustration. Believe me 😉

Watch the Video Tutorial HERE:

See me sew the entire project in this detailed video tutorial on my youtube channel.

I hope you enjoy gifting these as much as you enjoy sewing them!

Many finished gift card holders displayed in a color wheel circle.

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Sew a gift card holder using this free sewing tutorial and measurements. This makes a great addition to a gift card when looking for a fast and easy gift. This is a great beginner sewing project as well. find the free pattern at

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