Reading Pillow Tutorial

This reading pillow tutorial walks you through all the steps you need to sew a reading pillow with a handle and an envelope style backing!

image of three different reading pillows

Sewing a reading pillow is a great beginner friendly sewing project that makes a great gift for kids and adults too!

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Reading Pillow Cut List:

  • Front Panel: 19″ by 19″ (Cut 1)
  • Back Panels: 12″ by 19″ (Cut 2)
  • Front Pocket: 18″ by 19″ (Cut 1)
  • Handle: 3″ by 10″ (Cut 1)
  • Optional: Batting 19″ by 19″ (Cut 1)

You Will Need:

close up of the quilting and the handle on the reading pillow
In this photo you can see the center seam sewn to easily hold two chapter books in the reading pillow

Optional Steps:

There are a few optional steps you can do to make your reading pillow (otherwise known as a book pillow or journal pillow) a bit more unique.

  • Quilting the front large panel will give it a nice finished look.
  • Sewing a center seam along the large pocket will allow the pillow to hold chapter books nicely.
  • Add a zipper to the bottom of the pillow: Follow the video tutorial HERE.
  • Add a zipper behind a flap at the back of the pillow: Follow the video tutorial HERE.

Watch the Reading Pillow Tutorial HERE

To follow along and put your reading pillow together watch the video tutorial HERE.

Let me know in the comments if this reading pillow tutorial is a project you enjoyed making! I keep remaking this one as it has become the perfect gift to sew.

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Use this free pattern tutorial to sew a reading pillow with a handle and an envelope style backing. There is also an option to quilt the backing as well as add two pockets instead of the usual one pocket in a book pillow.

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