This doll sleeping bag pattern can be adjusted to fit any doll from an lol doll to an american doll as well as your favorite stuffed animal. My boys love their beanie boo’s so I made sleeping bags with attached pillows for their stuffed animals too!

Both free sewing patterns are easy to make and the video tutorial will help any beginner sew this cute doll sleeping bag pattern!

Download the FREE PDF Download here.

The doll sleeping bag pattern is based on a 13″ doll and the smaller sleeping bag is made for a 6″ Beanie Boo. HOWEVER these can be adjusted to any size doll. Just add the extra height of your doll to the measurement length and it will become long enough for any size doll easily, including those popular 18 ” dolls.


Watch the video tutorial HERE.

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All seams are sewn at a quarter inch.

Cut all three pieces of the doll sleeping bag pattern the same measurements.

13″ Doll Sleeping Bag Measurements:

11″ wide by 28″ long

6″ Beanie Boo Sleeping Bag Measurements:

7″ wide by 14″ long.

Both of these pattern sizes can be easily adjusted to fit your doll or stuffy.


Step One:

Cut out three pieces of fabric all the same size.

Lay the batting down first (use a thin batting so the project doesn’t get too bulky). Or skip the batting all together and use two layers of flannelette.

Then lay down the first piece of fabric RIGHT SIDE UP.

Lay down the second piece of fabric RIGHT SIDE DOWN.

Step Two:

Pin around the entire piece leaving a 4″ opening on one of the short sides.

Sew around all edges at a quarter of an inch.

Make sure to leave a 3 inch hole at the bottom that you will NOT sew.

Step Three:

Cut all four edges away to reduce bulk. Making sure not to cut the sewn seams.

Step Four:

Now it’s time to turn the piece right side out.

Use a long dowl or pencil to push out all four corners.

When pushing the corners out be careful not to push too hard as it may create a hole that will then need to be fixed.

Step Five:

At this point you must decide if you want a hood or a pillow. In this tutorial I will show you the pillow version. For the hooded version please watch my video tutorial. You will leave more space at the top for the hood then for a pillow.

To create the pillow mark a 3″ line (for the smaller sleeping bag) down from the side of the fabric that has the opening (6″ line for a doll sleeping bag).

Sew across this line.

Step Six:

Take some poly fil and fill the pillow up.

Step Seven:

Fold the bottom up to meet the pillow making sure the inside fabric is facing out.

If making the doll sleeping bag pattern please place the doll inside the pocket (with the correct side facing out and then fold down the excess fabric to create a nice edge for under the dolls chin. After measuring where you want the fold to sit reverse the fabric so the fold in on the inside before pinning and sewing the edges.

(this is better seen in the video tutorial)

Sew a quarter inch seam around all three sides, sealing up the 3″opening.

Step Eight:

Now turn the pouch right side out and voila! You have an adorable doll sleeping bag with a pillow attached.

If making the hood, then keep the pocket inside out, sew a seam across the top. Then turn the pouch right side out.


And that’s it! You have sewn an adorable Doll Sleeping Bag Pattern or Stuffed animal sleeping bag pattern!

Leave me a comment down below to let me know how this project goes for you. I would love to hear how this tutorial goes for you and if you made any other adjustments.

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  1. Lisa Sprague wrote:

    11×28 are the correct measurements!

    Posted 7.19.20 Reply
  2. Natalie F wrote:

    Thank you. Made this last night for my daughter, for her birthday, and she loved it.

    Posted 11.21.21 Reply
    • Tamara wrote:

      I am so glad to hear that!

      Posted 11.24.21 Reply
  3. Charlene wrote:

    Just finished first doll sleeping bag. As always, so easy to follow your instructions. Thanks!
    Would have sent picture but couldn’t see how to do that.

    Posted 5.22.22 Reply
    • Tamara wrote:

      Thank you for sharing this with me Charlene! I am SO GLAD to hear that the instructions were easy to follow. That is my all time goal. You made me smile! Happy Sewing!

      Posted 5.24.22 Reply