Over 20 Animal Rag Quilt Patterns you can make!

I LOVE to make animal rag quilts and over the years have discovered so many cool animal rag quilt patterns!

So far I have managed to make an animal rag quilt for each of my 8 nieces and nephews as well as both of my boys. It is a tradition that continues as more members are added into our extended family.

If you have never made a rag quilt before I promise you they are easy to make.

Check out my in depth RAG QUILT TUTORIAL HERE.

I give these as baby gifts, and can often make them with the scraps I have left over from these animal rag quilts.

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UPDATE: I hate to say it but sadly amazon and simplicity don’t seem to carry these patterns anymore. But they are all still linked to their images so you can see what the pattern looks like AND you can probably hunt them down on ebay or etsy if you want to sew some of your own.

Animal Rag Quilt Patterns

1. Kitty, Puppy, Bear: Simplicity Pattern 4993

This is the easiest animal rag quilt pattern you could do. The pieces are large and easy to sew together.

It is a great pattern to easily adjust as well. I have seen people use this pattern to make animal rag quilts such as an Elephant, Hello Kitty and even a Minnie Mouse rag quilt! One I haven’t seen done but would love to is Clifford the Big Red Dog.

2. Fox, Monkey & Horse: Simplicity Pattern 8278

I have just received this pattern in the mail and can’t wait to get started on another animal rag quilt. My boys saw it and immediately asked me to make them the monkey, so that may have to be first in line.

3. Turtle, Caterpillar, Dinosaur: Simplicity Pattern 2493

This pattern has gotten a lot of use in my home. I have made numerous caterpillar and turtle rag quilts, along with this adorable dinosaur rag quilt.

4. Butterfly & Owl: Simplicity Pattern 3935

This pattern also comes with a flower rag quilt pattern that could be easily adjusted and turned into a Christmas Tree skirt if you are interested. 

This Owl Rag Quilt is the hardest animal rag quilt I have made so far but because it is so worth it I have made it more then once. Owls are adorable!

5. Panda, Fish, Lady Bug: Simplicity Pattern 3955

This pattern is harder to find so the price is higher, but for the NEMO fan in your life it would be sooooo worth it.

6. Peacock, Hedge Hog: Simplicity Pattern 1442

I can’t seem to find this pattern anywhere anymore! It’s such a disappointment as the Hedge Hog has serious possibilities! I hope they bring it back, and if they do I will add the link!

7. Snail, Turtle, Butterfly: Simplicity Pattern 1822

This pattern is unique as it can be used to make baby rag quilt blankets. The perfect size for a baby gift.

8. Penguin, Frog, Butterfly: Simplicity Pattern 2935

These are animal rag quilt PILLOWS! You can make matching pillows out of the scraps. I have just ordered this one and can’t wait to make a frog rag quilt pillow to match my sons turtle rag quilt.

9. Fox Backpack: Simplicity Pattern 8357

It’s an Animal Rag Quilt BACK PACK!!!! And the fact that it’s a fox is bring me allllll the joy. If my kids were back in their preschool days I would be making this ASAP!

10. Monster Pillows: Simplicity Pattern 1237

Are Monsters Animals? I say check these monster rag quilt pillows out as these monsters are made to cuddle.

11. Lions, Stars & Circles: Simplicity Pattern S8902

This pattern is a little different because it helps you add elements to your squares rag quilt. Little Lion heads on the the rag quilt squares could be cute.

12. Rag Quilt Rosettes: FREE PATTERN

To learn how to make RAG QUILT ROSETTES click HERE for the FREE rag quilt pattern and tutorial!

Bonus Rag Quilt Pattern:

Castle & Mushroom Hut: Simplicity Pattern 8033

(technically not animals, but OH SO DARLING!)

Although this one is not an animal rag quilt it totally belongs in this list. It is still a whimsical rag quilt pattern after all. Best of all it comes with a miniature size pattern too so you can make a matching one for your children’s dolls or stuffies.

So did you find an animal rag quilt?

What do you think? Did you find an animal rag quilt pattern you want to make in this list? I sure hope so!

If you make one, let me know how it goes in the comment section, I would love to hear from you. And please feel free to share any sewing tips you learned along the way as well.

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  1. Deborah wrote:

    Tamara – I have looked high and low and cannot find the teddy bear pattern – not even on line. I think I can figure out everything except its head. Can you just tell me measurements of the head pieces? I would so greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much.

    Posted 8.29.18 Reply
  2. Gina reimer wrote:

    I’m looking for an elephant blanket like these. Have you ever seen a pattern for one? Would greatly appreciate finding one.
    G Reimer

    Posted 10.22.20 Reply
    • Tamara wrote:

      I have seen elephant blanket patterns sold on etsy, but that is the only place I know. You could easily use this pattern: https://amzn.to/3kmSNIv (this is an affiliate link) as the base and just make the elephant snout and ears if you wanted? Hope this helps! Happy Sewing!

      Posted 10.22.20 Reply
    • Shelia wrote:

      I enlarged a simple Zebra cartoon type drawing at an Office Supply store. 3 x 3 ft enlarged size. Traced it onto plastic template sheets. Placed fabric on top of pattern and traced. Then I cut out Zebra pattern from plastic template & placed on top of traced Zebra on fabric & traced all the details like face, stripes, tail.. &
      sewed & sewed!

      Posted 2.14.21 Reply
      • Tamara wrote:

        Wow! That’s impressive!

        Posted 2.23.21 Reply
  3. dorothy wojtalewicz wrote:

    Hi Tamara,I bought the fox quilt,its quite the project ! hopefully I can get it done wish I could have watched you first.Thanks for the tutorials on other ones gave Me some idea how to do this one.

    Posted 12.1.20 Reply
  4. Shirley mccadden wrote:

    Where do I get the pattern

    Posted 4.19.21 Reply
    • Tamara wrote:

      Just click on the links and it will send you to the pattern to purchase.

      Posted 5.6.21 Reply
  5. Dawn Kibbey wrote:

    Hi Tamara, I have 5 grandkids and want to make animal rag quilts for them for Christmas this year. I am looking for a snake rag quilt pattern. Can’t find one but do you have ideas as to how to make templates for one? Also I want to do the Dino, horse ( for a unicorn ) Fox or dog and the castle but the Fox is so huge, as are many of the others. How hard do you think it would be to cut down the patterns to make them more toddler or 6-8 year old sz. I don’t want to spend a fortune and 6-7 yds of fabric each is just to much. Any tips for me? Thank you!! Dawn Kibbey
    PS I have made strait strip rag quilts often so I don’t think these will be hard for me.

    Posted 8.26.21 Reply
    • Tamara wrote:

      Hi Dawn, If you want to try to make a pattern smaller I think that could be pretty easy depending on the pattern you choose. The Puppy Dog pattern would be an easy pattern to try this with before jumping into the more complicated ones. I am sure your grandkids will be thrilled! There are also doll sizes that come with the castle pattern as well. Happy Sewing!

      Posted 9.7.21 Reply
  6. Elaine Astor wrote:

    I saw a rag quilted giraffe at a craft show, I’ve not seen this pattern before & can’t find on internet. Do you know of a giraffe pattern i can buy?

    Posted 10.13.21 Reply
    • Tamara wrote:

      Sorry Elaine, I have not seen that one. Perhaps have a look on etsy? It sounds like it would be very nice.

      Posted 10.20.21 Reply
  7. I am looking for the Simplicity rag quilt pattern 1822. Are you selling this pattern?

    Posted 1.10.22 Reply
  8. Jolene wrote:

    am working on pattern 2935 the butterfly. this is my first attempt. do the eyes go on both sides of the pattern or just the front

    Posted 11.22.22 Reply
    • Tamara wrote:

      Hi Jolene, The eyes will only go on the top of the blanket. Enjoy!

      Posted 11.24.22 Reply