Sew Simple Hooded Towels

Looking through all the things I have pinned on pinterest I decided to attempt to sew simple hooded towels.

I loved using these when the boys were babies & this past winter the boys loved using their hooded beach towels after bath time. However these two keep getting taller and they really needed to start using BIG PEOPLE towels.

The hand towels I had bought happened to be of a MUCH SMALLER size then the hand towel used in the pinterest tutorial I was attempting. My hood ended up being a good 3 inches shorter than theirs! Works on Rome as he is still small but it did not look so good on Teo.

So I started again, this time using a whole hand towel (cutting it down to size) instead of starting with half of one.

What you will need to sew this simple hooded towel:

How to Sew Simple Hooded Towels:


Decide how large you need your hood to be.

For the smaller hood cut the hand towel right in half & use one half of the towel.

For a larger hood do NOT cut the hand towel until you know how much to cut off. MEASURE your child from shoulders to the center of the head then add a half inch before trimming the hand towel.


Fold your hand towel in half and use a plate to cut a corner off the hood.

This isn’t necessary unless you want the hood to be rounded. Without this step your hood will just have an adorable point.



Fold the finished edge back about 4 inches. Keeping the right-side facing up.


Sew along the edge on both sides so the folded part is secured.


Reverse the hood so the inside of the hood is facing out. Pin the top seem together & sew it together.


It’s time to attach the hood to the towel. Make sure you center the hood onto the towel and make the good sides face each other while pinning.


You are finished your Hooded Towel. Below is an image of my hooded towels. Size Small & Size Large.

With the above adjustments I managed to make the larger hood. The big difference is that the larger one has a seam down the top of the hood and the smaller one does not.

These two are thrilled to have such adorable hooded towels for after bath time!

For a more in-depth tutorial (especially when making the small hood) Click HERE and see the tutorial I originally followed by ICANDY.

Just remember that the size of the hand towel & the size of your child’s head makes a difference!!!!! Take it into consideration.

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