How to Make a Pokemon Playmat

My boys seem to think I can make anything and everything. Their latest request was for me to make them a DIY Pokemon Playmat, FULL SIZE!

So I did. How could I not!?!? So I figured out how to make a pokemon playmat and now I can teach you!

Watch the full Youtube Tutorial HERE.

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What You Need:


  • Large Red & White Pieces Cut at 21.5″ by 10″
  • Small Red Cut at 7 by 4″
  • Small White Cut at 7 by 5″
  • Backing cut to match the pokemon playmat after being trimmed (unless doing the black backing for cheaters binding, cut that an inch larger on all four sides.)

Steps to Make a Pokemon Playmat:

Step One: Cut Out Your Fabric

Cut out your red and white fabric at 21.5″ by 10″

Cut out a red piece at 7 by 4″

Cut out a white piece at 7 by 5″

Step Two: Sew Large Pieces

Sew the large white & red fabric pieces together using a 1/4 inch seam.

Press the seam open so the red lays against the red and white against the white.

Step Three: Fusible

Attach the one sided fusible to the back of the large white and red piece following the instructions that come with the particular fusible you purchased.

Attach the two sided fusible to both the smaller red and white fabric pieces again following the instructions that come with your fusible.

Step Four: Cut out Pokeball Pieces

Now that the double sided fusible is attached to the smaller fabric pieces it is time to trace the pokeball templates onto the fabric and then cut them out.

The white fabric gets the half that has the ball attached.

The red fabric gets the half circle, no ball.

Step Five: Attach Pokeball

Take the cut out pokeball pieces, line them up onto the center of the large white and red fabric piece.

Follow the double sided fusible instructions to attach to the larger white & red fabric.

Step Six: Sew all the Lines

Set your stitch to Zig Zag and the stitch length as tight as you can.

Test this on a scrap piece of fabric first to make sure the seam is nice and tight.

Then sew the straight lines first, followed by the large circle then small circle.

Trim the outer edges to square up the pokeball mat.

Step Seven: Attach Backing & Binding

Time to attach the backing using a cheaters binding or black bias tape.

Cheaters Binding:

To see a tutorial using cheaters binding click HERE.

Cut a black piece of fabric one inch larger on all four sides of the pokemon mat.

Center the pokemon mat and fold in the edges at 1/2 an inch and then fold over the edge another 1/2 inch.

Pin and sew.

Add Proper Binding:

To watch a tutorial on how to apply bias tape properly click HERE.

Once the bias tape has been attached the pokemon playmat is officially done!

I hope you enjoyed sewing this project with me. This pokemon playmat will make a great gift for anyone who loves to play pokemon.

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