How to easily install a screw hook


Recently I was working on a batman shelf project and wanted to add five screw hooks to it.

I got two screw hooks in and my poor fingers were starting to bruise and scream at me in pain! Either I am a total wimp or these screw hooks are difficult to install.

I choose to think I am not a total wimp 🙂

After a few different attempts at installing these screw hooks I came up with an ingenious idea!

Use this awesome tip to easily install a screw hook without killing your fingers!

What you will need:

  1. Xacto knife or kitchen knife
  2. Eraser

That’s it! I am sure you have these in your home to grab right now and get to work.

How to easily install a screw hook:

Grab your eraser and make sure you have a flat end, cut it if you need to create a flat end.

Then cut a small slit into the end of the eraser.

Pinch open this end and use this as the grip & cushion to hold your screw hook.

Then twist away! Fingers are saved and your project can keep chugging along 🙂

Think you can install a screw hook without killing your fingers now?

I think so! Your welcome….

Want to see the full Batman Shelf Tutorial Click Here!

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  1. Jan Neal wrote:

    I am going to try this. I have been trying to figure out how to easily attach cup holders to signs.

    Published 4.23.20
    • Tamara wrote:

      Let me know if it helped! It sure helped me 🙂

      Published 4.28.20