After buying my Peloton I realized my children play hockey WAY too close to my Peloton screen and protecting such an expensive investment is important!

So I decided to buy a peloton cover…..and couldn’t find one I liked. So instead I chose to make one.

Feel free to use these measurements to sew your own peloton cover!

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How to sew a Peloton Screen Cover:

The entire step by step tutorial to sew this DIY Peloton Screen Cover together can be found on YouTube using the below link. Scroll further down to find all the pertinent items needed, measurements, & seam allowance instructions.

YouTube Tutorial:

What you need:

DIY Peloton Cover with free sewing pattern

DIY Peloton Screen Cover Measurements:

  • Front and Back Pieces: 22.5″ by 14″ (Cut 2 lining, 2 batting, 2 cover fabric)
  • Top piece: 22.5″ by 2.5″ (Cut 1 lining, 1 batting, 1 cover fabric)
  • Side pieces: 14″ by 2.5″ (Cut 2 lining, 2 batting, 2 cover fabric)
  • Strap pieces: 7″ by 2.5″ (Cut 2 from cover fabric)

My TV/Screen Measurements to help with alterations:

So the measurements for my personal screen are listed on the Peloton site as a 22″ HD Touchscreen. And when I measured it myself it comes out to 53cm wide by 32cm high and around 4 cm deep (I say “around” because the back of the peloton screen curves out a bit so it is hard to measure this part. But the way the peloton cover is split in the back it has enough “give” that you don’t need to worry too much about this). And then the back arm attachment in the center takes up 10cm wide by 16cm high.

So if you are adjusting this DIY Peloton screen cover please take a note of what my original measurements for my screen were in comparison to your screen.

Front and Back DIY Peloton Cover with free sewing pattern

Seam Allowance:

When sewing the seams for this DIY peloton screen cover use a 1/2 inch seam allowance everywhere except for two seams.

  1. When sewing the 2 straps together, use a 1/4″ seam allowance.
  2. When sewing the final seam around the entire outer edge use a 1/4″ Seam allowance.

For all the details to sew this DIY Peloton Screen Cover together please follow along using the Peloton Screen YouTube tutorial.

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DIY Peloton Cover with free sewing pattern at

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