This DIY Beanie Boo pouch accessory comes with a free sewing pattern download as well as a video tutorial that will help any beginner sew this cute beanie boo accessory.

Heads up: It is made for the 6″ Beanie Boos.

This easy DIY Beanie Boo Pouch was inspired by the Disney Plushie Pouches. But because I have boys the only stuffies they seem to love are the Beanie Boo’s.

If desired I am sure you could trace a larger version of this pattern and make larger pouches for other stuffies as well. Let me know if you do!


Watch the video tutorial HERE.

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  • FREE DIY Beanie Boo Pouch Accessory Pattern DOWNLOAD HERE.
  • Flannelette Fabric (Cotton could work but I prefer the soft thicker feel of Flannelette.
  • Velcro, WITHOUT adhesive. Make sure you buy the correct kind so it doesn’t muck up your sewing machine thread.
  • Pencil with eraser on the end (promise, this will make sense later)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Sewing Scissors (These are my favorite high quality scissors)
  • Pins


Step One:

Beanie Boo Pouch pieces

The beauty of this project is it can be made with scraps. I love to make animal rag quilts and had no idea what to do with my scraps until this simple pattern.

So print out the pattern and cut out TWO of each piece.

Fold your fabric in half, right sides out, lay your pattern on the fabric, pin and then cut out the two pieces. Doing it this way will ensure you have two correct pieces to work with.

All seams are sewn at a quarter inch.

Step Two:

Take the two “Cuddle Arm” pieces, lay them wrong sides together.

Sew around the edge, leaving the flat portion unsewn.

When finished turn this right side out. A long dowl or pencil can be used to do this.

Step Three:

Take the two “Pouch” pieces, lay them wrong sides together.

Sew across the top flat edge.

Then fold over so the right sides are facing out. Press, and sew across this top flat edge one more time.

Step Four:

Beanie Boo Pouch pieces

Now it is time to assemble all the pieces in a sandwich like form before sewing. I will try to explain this the best I can in photos. However it can best be explained in my youtube video tutorial.

Lay one of the largest pieces right side up in front of you.

Then lay the pouch on top of this. The straight edge will be on a slight angle downwards towards the right.

Take the “Cuddle Arm” and lay it, starting about 1.5″ higher than the pouch. Lay this over the lower side of the pouch.

Pin the cuddle arm in a fold so it will not get sewn over.

Lay the second of the two largest pieces on top with the right side facing down. Then pin.

Make sure to leave a 3 inch hole at the bottom that you will NOT sew.

Step Five:

Sew around the entire sandwich.

Be careful to go slow when you are sewing where the cuddle arm is pinned as it is 6 layers!

And don’t forget to leave an opening along the bottom.

Step Six:

Pull it right side out, starting with the “cuddle arm”. Look out for that pin and remove it.

Step Seven:

In the above photo I have two pencils inserted into the DIY Beanie Boo Accessory Pouch. This is to show you that there will be two spots that need to be turned right side out.

Use a pencil inserting the eraser end in first. The grip from the eraser will help you pull the fabric right side out.

Step Eight:

Now turn the pouch inside out so the cuddle arm is inside the pouch.

Then sew along the bottom of the opening to finish it. This is the easy method.

Below you can see I like to fold all the edges into each other and then sew.

pinned and sew
The seam on the inside
How the bottom looks

This gives it a nice look on both sides but is unnecessary.

Step Nine:

Turn it right side out again. Then add the velcro.

It is important to only use non adhesive velcro or your sewing machine needle will struggle.

Attach the hook side to the cuddle arm.

Attach the fuzzy loop side to the back of the DIY Beanie Boo pouch.

Add Velcro

Depending on the Beanie Boo you may want the fuzzy velcro in a different location on the back. So I put the Beanie Boo into the pouch, wrap the arm around the beanie boo and mark where the hook velcro should end up.

Step Ten:

DIY Beanie Boo Accessory Pouches displayed

And that’s it! You have sewn an adorable DIY Beanie Boo Pouch.

Leave me a comment down below to let me know how this project goes for you. I would love to hear if any other beanie boo’s end up in a niceo DIY Beanie Boo Pouch!

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  1. Emily Griffiths wrote:

    About how much fabric should I buy for this project? Thanks!

    Posted 10.16.20 Reply
    • Tamara wrote:

      This is one of those “scrappy” projects so it doesn’t use too much fabric. If you are going out to buy fabric you will only need a quarter of a meter of fabric, and that will be plenty!

      Posted 10.22.20 Reply
    • Crystal Dearing wrote:

      Can you please tell me measurements of each cut out i am hand sewing these for my daughter and i need to know how wide tall etc in. wise each cut out needs to be

      Posted 12.7.20 Reply