God was Preparing me for Adoption

God was Preparing me for Adoption

Long before I knew it God had already been preparing me for adoption.

Preparing me for adoption in childhood:

When I was around age 10 God was already working on my heart and showing me how to be compassionate towards those who didn’t have what I had. Any time I would hear a story of an orphan or neglected child my heart would stir. I felt the same pain in my heart back then that I had also felt when waiting to become pregnant. Being so blessed to be raised in a home filled with God’s Love I knew how awesome family could be and it was saddening to me to see other living with less. This was the beginning of God preparing me for adoption and the journey that lay ahead.

After I found out all the details of how baby’s were born I announced to my mother I would not be going through labor. There were other ways to have a family…again preparing me for adoption…lol. I informed my mom that I would ADOPT! My mom laughed at me of course and said that one day I would change my mind. Of course earlier on in my marriage I didn’t think that pregnancy would be soooooo bad (we did try the ol’ fashioned route). But even still I had my heart set on adoption.

Preparing me for adoption as a Teen:

Another huge thing that impacted me while growing up was seeing my mom’s passion to fight for a child’s right to live. She was a passionate pro-lifer and in turn I saw plenty of images both beautiful and graphic. The beauty of God’s creation was not lost on me when I saw the images of babies still in the womb.

It also broke my heart to see images of aborted children, discarded like trash. I still feel sick about it.

Preparing me for adoption in College:

So then in college when I had the opportunity to do a presentation on whatever I wanted (to show the skills I had learned in the class) I jumped at the chance. My research was all about China’s one child policy and the effects it was having on the baby girls being born into their country (Unwanted, discarded or killed). Again I saw images that made me feel ill, images of dead babies left in ditches. My heart felt like it would burst feeling the pain and sadness that came with the research for this paper. Subsequently I decided, when ready, I would adopt from China (later God redirected my husband & I).

He’s Got This!

When I look back throughout my life all I can see are the threads of my Lord working on my heart, preparing me for adoption. And what a wonderful adventure that would be. How grateful I am to see that instead of becoming stuck grieving my own infertility. I was able to celebrate in knowing that I was following God’s path for our family and not my own. You see? God was preparing me for adoption throughout so many of my childhood moments.

It brings my heart so much joy to know that God works so hard for us. We don’t even have to worry because he’s got this!

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