Prayers while waiting to Adopt

Prayers while waiting to Adopt; some encouragement through the hard times:

Recently I have had some conversations with people about the kind of prayer that happens while you are waiting for your child as well as where a calm, quiet focused place would be to have this time with God.

Prayers while waiting to adopt are personal of course. Not every prayer will look the same as  each adoption is like a fingerprint. Each story personal and original.

Yet prayers while waiting to adopt all start from the same place, the heart.

What my prayers look like during our adoption wait:

It is so hard knowing what to pray for when you don’t even know if the baby you are waiting for has even been conceived yet, much less how they are being cared for once they begin to grow in another woman’s womb. I don’t get the same opportunity as other women to be able to keep my child safe from harm. I really do have to put it all up to God. Making sure prenatal care is happening and vitamins are being taken, it is all completely out of my control.

Yet that is not even my greatest concern!

Which makes prayer a very important and calming process in adoption.

I can lay it all at his feet in prayer, take a deep breath and accept the sweet relief that Jesus provides. It is all in his control.

When my husband and I prayed for our children children we focused our prayers around the safety of the child and the mental well-being of the birth mother.

I prayed that our child would be healthy, protected from drugs & alcohol. I prayed that the Birth Mother would find out about her pregnancy early on. I also prayed that our profile would be shown to the Birth Mother that would best fit with our family. Prayer that she would have complete peace in knowing she was choosing the right family for her precious child.

Above all else we prayed that our Birth Mother would not decide to choose abortion but see adoption as another way out.

We not only have prayed all of these things but also for each Birth Mother that chooses to open up and view our profile.

Where I prayed as we waited to adopt:

My best prayers, the most focused and personal prayers I have are alone in our nursery room sitting in our rocking chair.

I can look out the window at night see the stars feeling the peace that the evening my Lord brings. I can see everything that is waiting for our baby surrounding me and reminding me how real this moment is. I can cry. But then afterwards, when I leave I feel lifted and at peace.

I can also shut the door, walk away & leave it all up to my Lord. He has is all in control. Praise GOD!

Are you waiting to adopt?

If you are also going through this time of waiting I encourage you to make yourself a quiet spot.

A place that works for you to have uninterrupted time with God.

I know some people can’t put anything baby up in their house until the time comes, I understand it can be too painful. But I still suggest that you think about it.

Maybe just sitting in the empty room that will one day be a nursery room?

No matter, the important thing is to continually pray.

God hears you, he can take that burden of worry and pain from you and even better, he can protect your baby.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians. 4:6-7

May God Bless You in whatever journey you are on & always remember to give it up to God in prayer.

Do you have a quiet place you can go to God in prayer? Would you like to share where that place is?
I would love to hear of other peaceful places or times that work for you.

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  1. Dawn wrote:

    Peaceful prayer for me usually happens in the morning before the household wakes up 🙂 I also have the Echo app to remind me to pray, it so helps when life gets busy!

    Posted 3.27.18 Reply
    • Tamara wrote:

      That’s a good idea! Life has gotten busier with motherhood lately and a reminder app sounds like a perfect way to make time for focused prayer.

      Posted 4.11.18 Reply