One DIY Bench done over 100 different ways!

One DIY Bench plan with over 100 different versions created from it!


Three weeks ago I signed up for the third Instagram Builders Challenge.

The expectations were that we all had to follow the same builders plan but come up with our own modifications.

The original plan was this Ana White Bench.

Below are some of the creative ways people built their version of this simple DIY Bench:

Storage Bench:

The below storage bench was my entry for the contest. With two boys who play in our yard all the time I am in desperate need of toy storage in the backyard. This Bench was the perfect project to create toy storage. To see the full tutorial click here.

This DIY Bench has a smart feature that I am drooling over. The Handymans Daughter added a mesh bottom to her storage bench! I have boys and as soon as I saw this I kicked myself for not thinking of it. I have boys, boys play in mud….so of course the toys end up dirty when they are thrown into the storage bench. But when they dry all that junk falls off. With a mesh bottom the dirt would fall right through!

S M A R T !

This bench was made by The Handymans Daughter. To see more of this storage bench click here.


When I saw all the entries that had turned their bench into swings I was so excited! I LOVE porch swings and every single one was so unique from the next! Some even included stands for the swing to attach to. This porch swing is beautifully made and has a cool hidden feature….wait for it….fold down cup holders! Perfect for a seat that moves 🙂

This swing was made by The Painted Key

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As far as bench modifications go this one is one of a kind. A DIY Bench turned sectional, what a great idea! Check out how she attached the corners together and zoom in so you don’t miss the back. Doesn’t the back have such a beautiful design?! If I had the space I would love to have extra seating like this.

This Sectional was made by Abbotts at Home.

Table Addition:

This DIY bench has a beautiful back arch that takes it to another level. I love that added detail along with the built in table top. How handy is that!?! If my bench didn’t have a seat that needed to be lifted up I would love to add this to my bench. Simply perfect, and so helpful!

This Bench was made by Viva Las DIY.

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Want to see over 100 other cool versions of this simple DIY Bench?

Go to Instagram and search the hashtag #IGB3 or #IGBuildersChallenge3 and everyone’s DIY Bench contest entries will pop up. There are pergolas, cool hidden storage, tables that popped up, lots of cool cup holders, AMAZING Inlays in the bench backs as well as the bench seats and so much more. Check it all out on Instagram!

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