Makeup for your Mid 30’s

Looking for some awesome makeup for your Mid 30’s? Well I have got the list for you!

I recently have gone from stay at home mom to working mom. My kids are in full time school now and I am headed into a new season of life.

With this new season comes the realization that I haven’t updated my makeup products since my early 20’s….and those products are no longer working for my skin.

Enter in the need for a Make Up Overhaul!

I have looked all over, from the Sephora & Mac sales ladies to the long list of Instagram and You Tube gals I follow.

And I give you my upgraded Makeup Bag for your mid 30’s.

The Best Makeup for your mid 30’s:

Makeup has come a long way in the last decade and I am LOVING the new improvements.

Below I will list all the items I use in the order I use them in (after my skin care routine):

Eye Primer – By Laura Mercier, Eye Basics

This is MAGIC in a bottle. It helps your eye shadow last all day without even creasing!

Just be careful when you are adding your eye-shadow as it can be a bit harder to blend out. But so worth the long term lasting wear.

Eye Shadow Pallet – MAC

Since leaving my “cushy” stay at home mom gig (I can barely type that without laughing) and starting work again I needed to find a pallet that was easy to throw on without much thought.

Eye Liner – Cover Girl

This one is a long time fav that I can’t give up. It’s creamy and doesn’t pull on my eyelid. It also is a twist up instead of needing a pencil sharpener.

Cover Up – Bobbi Brown

I like it light and semi sheer. I have some freckles that I don’t mind showing off but also some rosacea that needs taming. This cover up is the perfect blend of cover and sheer for my liking. I put it on with my fingers as I find a brush adds too much product and a beauty blender isn’t worth the time on a run out the door kinda morning.

Concealer – Make Up For Ever Concealer

I use this for around my nose (where my rosacea is ) and if I end up with some adult acne. I dab it on with my finger tips and blend it out.

Under Eye Concealer – UGH

I have YET to find one that I like for the duration of the day. They always start off looking great but after a few hours I can feel the heavyness under my eyes and it starts to look cracked. The only thing I have found to combat this is the application. I use a wet beauty blender and it seems to water down the product a bit.

I will update this once I find the magic product! If you have any suggestions for something light weight that works for you please let me know in the comments!

Setting Powder – Laura Mercier

I have a face powder and an under eye brightening powder. At this point in my life I couldn’t live without these!

When I need to blow my nose the powder protects my cover up from getting wiped off. YAY!

Blush – MAC

I love the colors from Mac and the pots are the perfect size. In the summer I go for a little shimmer and only have it sit on the apples of my cheeks. In the winter I look for a deeper tone with no shimmer and I tend to place it along the cheek bone.

Bronzer – Benefit

I add this along my hair line, along my cheek bone as well as under my chin for a bit of contouring without changing everything about me!

Mascara – It Cosmetics

BEST UPGRADE EVER! This mascara makes my eyelashes look so long and thick. I LOVE this product! Can not rave about it enough….miracle in a bottle! Just make sure to start from the root of your lash and swipe all the way through.

Lip Liner – Clinique

As I enter my mid 30’s with joy I see my lips beginning to thin…eeek! Along with that I have a few freckles that make my lips look wonky.

So I use a lip liner to give me back the lips I am used to seeing in the mirror as well as keep the more vibrant shades of lipstick from running into the (ahem) cracks of my face – enter crying emoji here!

Lip Stick – Bare Minerals

AMAZING upgrade! This is an all day wear, mat lipstick that doesn’t dry out your lips and start flaking. They have so many awesome colors but I tend to gravitate towards “Flawless” on a regular basis. Just remember NOT to put lip chap on first or it won’t last as long.

So that’s my upgraded¬†Makeup for your Mid 30’s! What do you think? Have you tried any of them? And what did you think?

If you have any other items you would like to suggest for a gal in her 30’s looking to upgrade her beauty products please let me know in the comments below! Happy Shopping!

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