I have seen so many different ways to make rainbow wall hangings. This Macrame Rainbow wall hanging Tutorial will walk you through all the steps, and don’t worry, it is super easy to make and can be adjusted in so many unique ways!

Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging Tutorial:

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Step 1:

Lay out cotton rope before cutting

Lay the cotton rope out a few different ways to see how many rainbow arches you want with the length of rope you have.

Tape the loops before cutting

After it is laid out, tape off each curve before cutting the rope. This stops the rope from fraying.

Step 2:

Tape wire on

Cut the wire to the lengths of where you will be covering the rope with yarn. Then attach this wire with some tape.

Step 3:

Line all the ropes up and mark with pencil on the back of the rope (same side that the wire is attached) where the yarn will start and stop. This helps you get all the yarn arches even.

Step 4:

start yarn wrapping around the cotton

Wrap the yarn onto the cotton rope.

Start by laying a 2 inch section of the yarn along the cotton rope where you marked your start point.

Then begin wrapping it along the cotton rope, stopping to squish the yarn together before continuing to wrap the yarn. This helps you to not see the cotton rope behind the yarn.

Step 5:

Yarn wrapped around rope

Once the yarn is covering the end pencil marked section of the cotton rope it is time to finish it.

Use special needle to finish the yarn at the other end

Take a thicker needle with a flat tip and place the yarn through it, pulling it back towards the wrapped up yarn. This will hold the yarn in place.

Step 6:

Use this curved needle to attach cotton rope together

Time to stitch your yarn covered cotton rope together with thread and a curved needle.

NOTE: Make sure the wired side of all the cotton rope is facing the same side.

Remember to try to sew in between the cotton rope as it will stay together better.

Step 7:

You can Hot Glue the back of the arches to help seal the threaded curves if sewing didn’t go well for you 😉

Step 8:

pencil marks to help add rope in even layers

Time to finish the ends! My macrame rainbow had long ends so I added a second section of yarn near the bottom as well.

Then I untaped the ends and unraveled them to prep them for combing.

comb out the cotton rope ends

Once pulled apart take a comb and start combing out all the fibers. This works really well if your cord is 100% cotton.

Step 9:

Finally, attach a piece of yarn through the back of the rainbow with a thick needle from the needle kit, tie a knot to create a place to hang your large rainbow wall hanging!

Add a bead to smaller cotton rope for a hook to hang

Or take a piece of yarn and feed it through the front and back to create a nice loop on the top cord of the rainbow. Then add a pretty geometric wooden bead!

Step 10:

Add pom pom ribbon as an embellishment

Add any embelishments you want and revel in your work!

Embelishment Ideas:

  • Felt Balls glued along the top of the rainbow.
  • Braided Yarn or pom pom ribbon glued into the ridge of one of the rainbows curves.
  • Metallic Yarn twisted around a single yarn covered tube in a criss cross fashion looks good too. But this would have to be done before sewing the ropes together. Same goes with adding lace.
  • Bows glued to one side of the rainbow.

And that’s that! You officially have a beautiful macrame rainbow wall hanging to place in a nursery or even kids room, or dare I say, living room!?!

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