Learn to DIY like I did!

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Learn to DIY

For YEARS I have been pinning other peoples amazing DIY’s and wishing I could learn to DIY.

I am not talking about the cute crafty kind where you glue some pom poms together to create an adorable wreath. I am talking about the woodworking kind.

The DIY Big time!

Real deal saws, drills and airguns kinda stuff. You know….the kind that totally scared me into doing nothing. See, I grew up with a dad who hired that kinda stuff out and now have a husband who does the same…or calls in friends for help. So I figured there was no way I would ever be able to enter the world of woodworking DIY no matter how many pins I pinned.

Until one day, I met my neighbor (who has now become my bestie).

{Ignore what she’s doing in the pic…this was NOT what she was teaching me lol!}

She showed me her home and all the beautiful things her and her husband had built. They created a home that looks like it came from a magazine, but did it with their own hands. SERIOUSLY?!?! I had officially met a pinteresting queen. So I slyly (or not so slyly, lol) started asking her all sorts of questions that started with one word: HOW?

It was then that she introduced me to a website I had not yet discovered.


It was this DIY site with free plans and tutorials to make amazing things at low cost (Ana-white.com). I also asked how many tools were needed for some of these projects and my new bestie said I could borrow anything she had and she would show me how to use it! YAY!!!!!!!! I had officially found my teacher.

The first tool I borrowed was a simple one called a Jigsaw and I fell MADLY in love.

It is the perfect tool to start learning how to DIY. All I needed was some scrap wood, the Jigsaw & some clamps. Then the sawdust started flying!

As it was close to Halloween I pulled up a few of my old Halloween dream pins and went to work. I started simple and made some fun home decor that didn’t need more tools then just the jigsaw, clamps a drill and/or eventually a small nail gun.

Some of the easy DIY items I created based off of pinterest tutorials:

DIY Spooktacular Display:

DIY Ghost Candy Holder:

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar:

So now you know…..start small and soon you will be using bigger tools for larger DIY’s with the confidence of Tim the toolman….and the skills of his sidekick Al Borland.

If I can learn to DIY you can too!

I have even managed to build a coffee table and a dinning table bench! I promise it’s not as hard as it looks.

Go to your neighborhood buy & sell site or start garage sale hunting to find yourself a jigsaw. If the jigsaw intimidates you watch some you tube videos and I promise you it will be simpler then it may seem. Of course, if you think you will be into this DIY thing for the long haul then I suggest spending a little extra and getting a cordless jigsaw and a few clamps.

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