Get the Look: Calm & Monochromatic

Looking to create a similar peaceful monochromatic living room?

Check out some of these awesome items inspired by the calm and monochromatic living room decor pictured above.

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#1 – Modern Rug – This rug has a beautiful modern twist to it’s design! And  the best part is it comes is ALL the sizes!!! Or if you want to check out this more classic rug it would be a perfect monochromatic addition as well.

#2 – Gold Framed MirrorHigh End Mirror, Lower End Mirror (but just as nice!). These mirror’s give the added reflective light a living room often needs without messing with the monochromatic feel.

#3 – Macrame Wall Art – If you feel really inspired these can be fun to make as well! I have linked a good tutorial in the DIY section of this list.

#4 – Extra Large Woven Storage Basket – Made of Cotton Rope (these are neat and tidy) or Straw (these fold into each other!).

#5 – Wine Cork Letter – This one is cool because it is just the metal frame and you fill it with your own corks over time.

#6 Bicycle Bookends – I like the whimsical feel these give. Here are a few more that looked really nice: Whitewashed, Smaller Bicycle.

#7 – Ceramic planterMid-century ceramic planter, these were hard to find online, however if you were to hit up any gardening center come spring you would find something similar.

#8 – Mid-century modern chair – There are many variations of this chair, High & Low.  Or to make things easier click here to see a wide variation of the mid century modern upholstered wooden lounge chair 😉

#9 – Three piece Fire Place Screen – This screen has the same rounded top and a simple feel for your monochromatic living room.

#10 – Wooden Duck – This is a beautiful piece of art that would look amazing over any fireplace, or on a decor shelf.

I am going to leave my Calm and Monochromatic living room decor list at ten items for you to explore.

However if your interested in some DIY, let’s chat a moment….

DIY #1 – Give Thanks Wooden Tag Sign: I am all over a good DIY and this one could be fun! Check this tutorial out if you want to try your hand and making your own! I have done many easy DIY items and always cherish the handmade aspect of them.

DIY #2 – Glass Mercury Bottles: The tutorials on these look super easy. I have plans to try this out come spring. All you seem to need is some mirrored spray paint & a mixture of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Check these two links out Here & Here for some DIY tutorials to get you started…..unless you feel compelled to just buy some 😉

DIY #3 – Macrame Wall Hanging: I will admit that this one scares me a little. I have even crocheted before, but that could be why I am scared to try this lol! But if you are brave enough to try, this tutorial teaches you three knots to help you get started but to be honest I would rather buy this one!

And that’s it! So many ways to get yourself started on creating your own Calm and Monochromatic living room. I sure hope this helped. And come back soon, as I love to scour the internet looking for awesome items to share. Whether they are to purchase or DIY you will find something you like!

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