DIY Superhero Bedroom Boom!


DIY Superhero Bedroom:

My youngest son LOVES all things super hero. He is way to young to know the difference between DC Comics vrs. Marvel which is great….because I am too old to care to know the difference!

I decided to decorate his room in a “hero” theme and mix up the two comic worlds. Honest truth…it wasn’t a decision as I had no clue what I had done until my cousin informed me of my “faux pas” lol!

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This DIY Superhero bedroom was done on a low budget and came out having a BIG impact!

Want to do a simple update with big impact? Use Paint!

Paint is where I started, If you want to see the Full DIY Superhero Bedroom Tour click HERE.

Instead of painting all the walls in the bedroom (I was tired and lazy, ok?) I used painters tape to create a random comic “explosion star”.

Quick tip, use Frog Tape when doing a project like this as you really don’t want your paint to creep under the tape on this one.

Placing the star in the corner of the room made the impact even better.

Once the star was painted I kept the tape up and rolled green paint on one full wall before taking the tape off.

This was the effect the Super Hero BOOM had on the green wall:

Here you can see the star on both walls, I really love the impact that it has in the room even though I didn’t have to paint every wall!

Huge impact with not too much effort right?! I love it, and more importantly my SON loves it!

We chose to buy this Marvel Captain America Shield to use as a nightlight. It looks so cool “cracked” into the wall and was simple to install.

You could also get a Hulk Fist, Iron Man face and so many other cool ones! Check them all out here: 3D Wall Night lights.

Want some fun super hero art like above? Check this Modern Justice League 5 Piece Wall Art Set, I LOVE the colors in this set!

My set was found at our local Home Sense.

Or make your own art for your superhero bedroom by following this simple idea, I created this art for the opposite wall.

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