DIY Rustic Side Table with FREE PLANS

DIY Rustic Side Table with built in Magazine Rack

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It is time I built a diy rustic side table to match my living room Rustic X Coffee Table!

This DIY rustic side table is designed to be deep and narrow, a perfect fit for beside a sectional or sofa. It also has plenty of storage and a magazine display area too!

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There are so many things I love about this side table.

The top is deep enough that it can easily hold a lamp and some decor items while still having plenty of room for a cup of coffee or bowl of popcorn.

It also has a nice magazine display area in the front that can easily hold at least 10 magazines.

And along the side there are two shelves that can work as a nice display area, or in my case more magazines (our living room always seems to have a stack of home decor and car magazines lying around).

This DIY rustic side table ended up being a fairly simple build that needed only a few tools. And the best part of partnering with Kreg Tools is that it made it easy for me to give you free project plans!

Before you head over to Kreg Tools DIY project plan site scroll down to see how this rustic side table with magazine rack came together.

When I first started building furniture I didn’t know how to build something and hide the screws. Thankfully my neighbor lent me her Kreg Jig pocket hole system and I discovered the secret! It made it so easy I fell in love. No Lie!!!

If you are new to building but are like me and don’t want to spend a fortune on store bought furniture I encourage you to invest in a proper drill, miter saw & Kreg Jig. If you want to test the waters you could start with the Kreg R3 Jr. Pocket Hole Jig System. It is what I started out with and it worked great. But if you know you will be building a lot of other items as well I would recommend you don’t go any lower then the Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System.

The Kreg Jig K4 is the one I use now and it makes building my projects so much faster as you end up moving the wood along the Kreg Jig rather then moving the kreg jig all over the wood you are preparing.

When you are attaching the 3/4″ deep boards I find spending a little extra on the Special Pocket Hole Screws is worth it. For the thicker boards I could get away with regular wood screws, I save money where I can 😉

But honestly, if its a Kreg Jig you can’t go wrong! For this project I also used their Kreg Right Angle Clamp and LOVED IT! I am not the strongest of builders and this clamp gave me the strength I needed to pull the boards tight together when I assembled things. Seriously, a huge help!

Once this project was fully assembled I used some wood filler to fill in a few cracks along the edges of my bottom shelf as well as the small holes left by the nail gun. Other then that there was no need to fill in any of the Kreg Jig Holes as they all end up hidden.

For the finish I used a Gel Stain. I don’t recommend this for a new furniture build. I would have rather used a normal grey stain but since my coffee table had been done in this Gel Stain I wanted to stay consistent.

My consistency didn’t work out perfectly however as I ended up using a semi gloss poly instead of a mat finish on my end table. Turns out I had used a mat finish on my coffee table. Oops. Although I like the semi gloss finish better so I may just have to put a coat of it on my coffee table to get them to match perfectly.

I am guessing you are itching to see the FREE PROJECT PLANS for this DIY Rustic Side Table! Head on over to Build Something and get the FREE PLANS!

If you build this Side Table don’t forget to tag me on build something so I can see how it went! And if you have any questions leave me a comment. I will be sure to follow up.

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