DIY Christian Easter Decor

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Fantastic Christian Easter Decor Idea!

Every year we host an Easter Celebration at our home for our children and their friends. It is important to me to make this holiday a celebration without losing it’s meaning.

So I created this Easter Cross Table Decor. I love how it stands firm reminding us of how thankful we are to have Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.

Praise the Lord He has Risen!

What you will need to build your own Easter Cross Table Decor:

  1. Two Branches, I got mine from a tree in my yard. But I have seen these sold at craft stores.
  2. Scrap wood, mine is from a pallet.
  3. Hemp Rope
  4. One long Screw
  5. Nails & Hammer or a Brad Nailer
  6. Drill
  7. Pilot Point Drill Bit, the size should be smaller then the screw you will use.
  8. Wood Glue or Hot Glue
  9. Miter Saw or a Hand Saw and some Muscle
  10. To decorate I used polished rock in the base and a scrap of white fabric.

Cut List for this DIY Easter Cross:

Branch Cuts:

Long Branch – 27 Inches

Short Branch – 20 Inches

Pallet Board Cuts:

Two Sides – 18 Inches Long & 4 Inches High (this can be left to whatever height your srap wood is)

Base cut – 3.5 Inches Deep The length depends on the look you want. I went shallow so my base is only 16″ long. When put together the sides look inset from the front and back. It’s just a look I wanted.

Two end pieces – 3.5 Inches. My sides are only 1.5 Inches tall however you could match the height to the Sides.

How to put the Easter Cross Together:

Build your base. I put this together using wood glue and a brad nailer.

Then Measure the center of your box. Take your twisted drill bit and predrill a hole in the base of the box as well as the base of the longer Branch.

Then attach the two with a medium length screw and some wood glue.

Almost there!

Find the center of the shorter branch and attache it to the longer branch by wrapping it with hemp rope.

I attached the shorter branch at 18 Inches high on the longer branch.

Once it is tied together use some hot glue or wood glue to give it more stability. I used hot glue.

Time to add the Decor Elements to this Christian Easter Decor!

Filling the base with colorful rocks looks beautiful but I am sure green moss whould look beautiful too.

View of the Back:

Adding a white scrap of fabric gives it a glowing look. The cross looks vibrant and “left behind”. I LOVE how the white cloths on the cross makes me feel when I see it. I can’t help but praise my Lord!


I Hope this Easter is a blessed one for you and your family. May you celebrate that God Has Risen! Hallelujah!

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  1. Sheri wrote:

    Love this! Cute and such a great reminder.

    Published 3.3.17
    • Tamara wrote:

      Thank you! It is my favorite thing to put out for Easter 🙂

      Published 3.3.17
  2. Debbie wrote:

    We built it and we’re so happy with the way it turned out. Thank you so much.

    Published 3.24.18
    • Tamara wrote:

      I am so happy to hear that! I loved making mine and found it made such a beautiful impact within our home throughout the Easter season.

      Published 4.11.18
  3. Leisa Goodwin wrote:


    Published 1.27.19
    • Tamara wrote:

      Thank you! It brings me joy each and every year.

      Published 4.18.19
  4. Patricia Maciorowski wrote:

    This is exactly the idea I was looking for!!
    Thank you for sharing!

    Published 4.1.21
    • Tamara wrote:

      Glad it helped! Happy Easter!

      Published 4.13.21