DIY Batman Shelf

I love decorating my boys rooms in what they love most. For my younger son that means everything superhero, check out his full superhero room tour here for more inspiration and DIY Ideas.

A while back I saw a batman shelf for sale and thought, “I could build that!” So I did, and now SO CAN YOU!

Follow these ten simple steps to build your own DIY Batman shelf:

Don’t forget to download the FREE STENCIL I have at the bottom of this post.

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What you will need to build your DIY Batman Shelf:

  1. WEN Scroll Saw or Ryobi Jig Saw
  2. Plywood, I used 11mm FirPly that I bought from my local Home Depot.
  3. Drill or screw driver. This Bosch Drill is the one I use on every project I do and I LOVE IT! A good drill is hard to beat.
  4. Drill Bit
  5. Sand paper, medium grit for the edges.
  6. Black Paint
  7. 1.5 inch Screw Hooks. I used silver before I found these cool Black Hooks.
  8. FREE STENCIL at the bottom of this post.
  9. Screws & Picture Hangers of any kind. I used a Hangman 5-Inch Hanger  which is super strong and easy to install.
  10. Pencil, Tape, Measuring Tape, level, Scissors, paint brush…the usual “around the house” supplies 😉

Ready to build your own DIY Batman Shelf?

Step ONE:

Print and cut out the FREE Stencil I have for you at the bottom of this post.

Step TWO:

Pull the stencil together so the bat wings line up then tape it together. Trace, flip, trace again.


Make sure you leave a piece of your board for the shelf. I measured the width of the batman I traced, minus half an inch and that was my shelf length. For the depth I made it 1 1/2 inches.

Cut the shelf out first. I didn’t and it made scrolling out the batman symbol a bit more difficult. To cut the shelf out a table saw would have been nice but I used my scroll saw and sanded any imperfections away later.

Step FOUR:

Cut out the batman symbol with patience please! I say this as I am most impatient and had to slow myself down on numerous turns lol!

Step FIVE:

I did add rounded corners to my shelf and had a look to see if it was a good length on top of the batman symbol.

Step SIX:

Sand down all the edges. Then with a damp cloth wipe away all the saw dust and let dry.


Figure out the color you will use and start painting!

If you want to try another color I did consider blue paint, blue stain, gold paint & brown stain. But in the end, with my sons superhero room decor, black was the best option for me.

Black paint: This is where I would like to suggest you do NOT use the black paint I used (Rust-Oleum). It is a super thick paint and I had a hard time keeping it smooth. If I could do it again I would use black acrylic crafting paint and then spray it with Rust-Oleum Varathane Spray, Gloss Finish I have used this product before and LOVE it! Otherwise find another black paint at the hardware store.


It’s time to add the shelf.

To make things easier mark where it will go and then pre-drill some holes into the shelf and through the front of the batman symbol.

Then attach the shelf with some screws!

Step NINE:

Time for the dreaded hooks. OK, I didn’t dread them until I was installing the buggers. My fingers were turning all sorts of painful pink until I came up with this simple trick! I highly recommend checking it out!

Step TEN:

Add the hanging tools of your choice to the back. Since this is for my sons room I wanted something that wouldn’t rip out of the wall in the first week. I chose to use this Heavy Duty Hangman Picture Hanger and I am so thankful I did! It is sturdy and simple to install.

That’s it.

Ten simple steps to building your own DIY Batman Shelf!

What do you think? Will you build one? Have any Questions?

Leave me a note in the comment section, I would love to help.

As promised, below is the FREE STENCIL you can use to make your own DIY Batman Shelf.

Just click on the links below, download and print!



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  1. Love this and the little batman hanging from the hook! Added to my Pinterest queue.

    Posted 3.15.17 Reply
    • Tamara wrote:

      Thank you! I hope you tried to make it 😉

      Posted 4.18.19 Reply
  2. Linda wrote:

    What is the finished size?

    Posted 7.24.17 Reply
  3. Philip wrote:

    This is totally cool. I like the yellow background especially. Thank you so much for the stencil! I haven’t tried it yet, but have been trying to find one that I could adjust to different sizes for various projects but I really have no idea of how to create a template or make it different sizes. Perhaps you have a suggestion?I also really like the eraser trick with the screw hooks!

    Posted 1.8.19 Reply
    • Tamara wrote:

      Thank you! I hope you find the stencil helpful. Many printing programs let you adjust the size of the photo you wish to print. I would suggest checking out the extra settings before you print.

      Posted 4.18.19 Reply
  4. Melgar Molleno wrote:

    Hi i just want to know the name of the tools that you used for creating awesome project like batman.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas.

    Posted 10.13.20 Reply
  5. Boa tarde
    Parabéns, você é uma ótima profissional.
    Estou com dificuldade de passar o desenho, para a madeira, pois só têm duas folhas, eu não entendi a parte do rastrear.
    Você pode me orientar?
    Obs Referente a estante do Batman

    Posted 5.4.21 Reply