DIY Basketball Hoop for my boys bedroom

Build your own Basketball hoop:

This post contains affiliate links

*this post contains affiliate links*

Slowly I am putting together a sports themed room for my eldest son. Of course a Mini Basketball Hoop would make a great addition to his decor.

My Basketball Hoop Inspiration:

I looked for Basketball hoops to hang on the wall and almost bought one but decided I could probably build a basketball hoop for the wall that would have the benefit of looking cute too!

Lets face it, although my boys enjoy my decorating they are not too interested in a pretty looking basketball hoop. All they want is function! But I just couldn’t resist.

I had to at least TRY to build a Basketball hoop.

DIY Basketball hoop for my boys room:

I did look for a metal hoop to add to a nice wooden backboard but couldn’t find any in my price range so I decided to build this out of wood as well.

My son is only 7 and so he isn’t exactly attempting slam dunks at the moment so a wooden circle ended up working out great! A year later and this thing is still intact!

Tools needed:

Estimated Cost:

  • The hoop costs less then $10
  • I used scraps and pallet boards but to buy the wood perhaps another $10

DIY Basketball hoop STEP ONE:

Take two buckets or two sized bowls to use as a template.

Then trace these circles onto the board you will be cutting.

Make sure there is enough thickness between the two circles to give this hoop the strength to withstand being played with!

DIY Basketball hoop STEP TWO:

Drill holes along the inner circle to make cutting this DIY Basketball hoop a whole lot easier.

DIY Basketball hoop STEP THREE:

It’s time to cut this DIY Basketball hoop out!

DIY Basketball hoop STEP FOUR:

Sand it down, stain & let dry.

DIY Basketball hoop STEP FIVE:

To put the backboard together I used wood sourced from a pallet. Putting two pieces vertical and nailed the horizontal boards to the vertical back boards. I didn’t take pictures of this step. oops.

DIY Basketball hoop STEP SIX:

Stain the backboard then add a painted white square on it.

DIY Basketball hoop STEP SEVEN:

It’s time to put these two pieces together. I pre-drilled small starter holes into the hoop so when I drilled the two screws through the backboard into the hoop it would make it easier not to split the hoop!

DIY Basketball hoop STEP EIGHT:

Add the netting with a staple gun and you are done! I found my netting at walmart, or you can check this one out: Basketball Net (White).

FINISHED! Its time to hang this beauty!

I used wire but you could always use picture framing hooks instead.

If you make this I would love to hear about it! Leave me a note in the comments 🙂

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  1. This is great! I wonder if I could make an exterior one (or if it would just fall to bits)? Thanks for sharing at To Grandmas House We Go! xx

    Published 3.16.17
    • Tamara wrote:

      Thank you! I am sure if you made it with outdoor screws and perhaps ceder it should stay together.

      Published 4.17.17
  2. JC bball wrote:

    Make that

    Published 12.13.18
  3. Molly Ritchie wrote:

    Hello, I was trying this out to put in my room and instead of the wooden ring I used a metal one. I thought it was going to be strong enough to hold itself up, but it turns out it not and once I had connected it, it flopped. Does anyone have any ideas to make the ring more stable if you do that would be really helpful. Thanks

    Published 6.9.20
  4. Dara Raja wrote:

    Hi, what size was the wood you used for the backboard?

    Published 6.22.20