I Built my own modern DIY Coffee Table!

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I made my own DIY Coffee Table!

Finally I accomplished something that I NEVER thought I would be able to do. I built a piece of furniture. ME! I built something!

I have been pinning Ana White DIY ideas for a good year and thinking to myself there is NO WAY I could every build something.

Then one day I must have let my inner complaints out for my husband to hear and he knocked my socks off! Turns out my lovely hubby could get his hands on a saw and show me safely how to use it.

Mark did warn me though that he had no interest in figuring out how to build anything. As you can see in the below picture I did manage to get his help a little bit. My drill was an old mastercraft drill that had no power. So every now and again I needed to get Marks help as I needed more muscle power then I was capable of.

Where to start when looking to build a DIY Coffee Table:

I found this lovely DIY tutorial on Ana Whites website and got to work.

For Materials I didn’t want to spend too much on a first attempt build. Thankfully we had some extra fence boards and 2×4’s hanging out in the garage so I only had to buy 2×2’s & the bottom board for the table. Best way to attempt something I have never done before….keep it cheap!

Who knows if this will actually work anyways….I sure didn’t think it would. I kept my expectations low just in case.

The tools I used:

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig Jig BEST TOOL EVER for a newbie, it’s like magic!)

Miter Saw

Canadian Tire Drill (very important to know I used a sucky drill….it had no power…near uselessness) If you can, get yourself a good drill. It’s so worth it! I now use a Bosch Compact Drill.

Sadly I didn’t think to take pictures until most of it was put together. Here is where I am figuring out the order of the table top boards. These were our left over fence boards.

I didn’t worry too much about the wood of the legs being perfect and I am glad I didn’t. Once stained all the imperfections gave it an original look.

The hardest part for me to figure out was the crisscrosses on both sides. But I am glad I didn’t give up as they make the table look so special.

How this DIY Coffe Table was finished:

Since I am not really one to go for the rustic cottage look I wanted this DIY coffee table to have a bit more of a modern feel. I chose a grey gel stain to do the job. It gave the table a thicker stain but I am still able to see some of the wood grain beneath it.

It took the Gel stain two days to dry fully though. I may have put it on a little too thick.

After it dried (mostly) I added three coats of varathane to make sure this table could take a beating.

Did I mention I have two boys that will be enjoying this table as well?

This table turned out to be incredibly solid and easy to build! If you are looking for a beginners project this really could be the one.

Check out the plans on Ana Whites Website HERE.

As you can see this table is used A LOT! I thought I would panic about the boys being around my special DIY Coffee Table but it’s just the opposite.

I take so much joy in seeing them use it!

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  1. Kelli wrote:

    Your table looks great! Any tricks to getting those x’s to fit well?

    Published 1.31.17
    • Tamara wrote:

      Thanks! I wish I had tips…that part was a bugger. I dragged my husband out to help me. But in the end I just decided “almost” was good enough! I did follow the angle cut instructions on Ana Whites site and they were pretty accurate.

      Published 2.2.17