Best Products for Fine, Straight Hair Care

Fine, straight hair care can be frustrating. YES, I get many compliments on how nice it must be to have straight hair, but little do people know that fine straight hair equals FLAT hair that always seems lifeless. Ugh.

Over the years I have come across products that WORK for my kind of hair and figured I should share the knowledge!

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Here is a list of tips & products that I have found to be essential for helping me with my fine straight hair care routine.

  • Tip #1  Heavy Products are the enemy! Keep them light.
  • Tip #2  Oily products added after the hair is dry will leave your hair greasy and flat.
  • Tip #3  Volume is the hair care goal!

Let’s Talk Products & When to Use Them!

Shampoo & Conditioner

For Volume:
Pure Volume Shampoo & Masque by Maria Nila

For Damaged Hair:
Damage Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner by Aveda

When the Hair is Still Damp:

Leave in Conditioner:
AG Fast Food Leave in Conditioner – I add this when my hair is still damp (this is on top of already using a conditioner in the shower).

Root Boost Mousse:
BIG ROOT Volumizing Spray Mousse – This may seem weird, but I encourage you to try it! Spray it on your roots, rub it in while hair is still damp. Then blow dry. This gives amazing long lasting volume!

Volume Spray:
OUAI Haircare Volume Spray – use when the hair is damp

Heat Protection:
Moroccan Oil Protect & Prevent Spray – This protects your hair from the heat of your hair tools.

Want to add curl to your hair?

Add a soft, light hairspray on dry hair before curling. It will hold the style that you create a lot longer. And as we all know, Fine Straight hair will let go of curl fast! So adding this product is so important!

OUAI Memory Mist

LIVING PROOF – Flex Shaping Hairspray

Keep that curl from frizzing?

Add a small amount of specialized finishing creme:
OUAI Finishing Creme

Instant Volume on day two hair, or even day three?!?!

Well of course dry shampoo is the magic ingredient here. Spray on the roots and rub it in, it’s that simple!

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo – This one comes in differents shades to match with your roots! I go for the Light or Medium tones when I buy it as I have highlights with my brown hair.

Bumble & Bumble Pret a powder – Shake a little on the roots of your hair, rub it in and vuala! Instant volume.

Livingproof Dry Shampoo – one of my fav’s! Smells amazing and works great! It blends in and doesn’t leave a white powder that can be seen at the roots by some cheaper brands.

Texturizing Hair Sprays

These are awesome ultra-lightweight products that combine the best parts of dry shampoo and hair spray, to build incredible volume and texture! YES PLEASE!

OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray

BB thickening Dry spun Finish

Moroccanoil dry texture spray

All Time Favorite Hairspray?!?!

Bumble and Bumble – Flexible Hold Hairspray

Bumble and Bumble – Light Hold Hairspray

I hope this helps you with your hair the way it does mine!

If you have any other ideas or products you think should be added to this list, PLEASE, let me know in the comments! I would love to have more idea’s to add to my Fine Straight Hair Care folks.

Keep checking back as I will continue to share lists of my favorite tried and true products. I hope some of these products will help you regain the beautiful locks you deserve to have!


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  1. Nallely Rodriguez wrote:

    thanks for the tips! my hair is also fine, flat, dull, lifeless and Ive tried so many different products–mostly oil ones and didn’t even realize that those are weighing my hard down making it look like I haven’t showered in days. Now I know what products to use! thanks

    Published 8.21.19
  2. christine Yagnych wrote:

    If you have your hair layer this will give your hair volume also.

    Published 5.2.20