This Working Mom’s Top 5 Items under $50 that Save the Day!

After 9 years of being a full fledged stay at home mom I have re-entered the working world!

With this change I have had to figure out the best way to balance motherhood along with a career, (Or in my case a comfy secretary position that matches school hours).

Enter in, This Working Mom’s Top 5 Items under $50 that I truly can not live without!

And can I just mention that this list is not one that I guessed at needing when I was planning to go back to work. But instead it is a list of those items I ended up using the most frequently throughout my first 7 months on the job….and continue to reach for!

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Ok Ok….enough chit chat from me, I get it, you are a busy woman! Here is the vital list…

  1. Polished Grey Cardigan – ANY neutral cardigan that you love will do.

    I keep a light grey cardigan at work for the obvious “I get cold” reasons but ALSO for those less then stellar laundry days when I can barely find a clean shirt to wear. When I get to work I can throw this cardigan over any shirt and look put together instantly. And believe me….the first three months on the job I wore this thing almost every day. The transition was hard people!
    I really like this Grey Cardigan too and on sale it’s close to the $50 mark 😉 EEEKKK!!! Or check out this one!! It looks soooo comfy cozy and warm, and it’s on an AMAZING sale! Ok, I’ll stop.

  2. Living Proof Dry Shampoo – this is a brand MUST!

    Let’s be honest, as mothers sometimes we need sleep more then a shower….or is it just me? I have used many different dry shampoos but this one by living proof has become my FAVORITE! For two reasons: it smells sooooooo good, and it doesn’t leave a dry white powder on my dark roots. A+ Right?!?!

  3. IT Mascara by Superhero, again….the brand here actually matters my friends.

    My mornings are more about getting the kids ready for school then getting me ready for work. YES I get ready too but let’s just say I don’t always have time to blend pretty colors together on my eyelids. However this Mascara is THE BOMB of ALL mascaras! It is so nice and thick and creates such long lashes that I don’t have to worry about adding much more to the eyes. I even skip eye liner with this one. WHAT?!?!

  4. Leather Tote Bag – It’s not so much a particular bag I want to point you too, but the SIZE of the bag that is vital.

    Since I also have my much needed items I drag along to work each day I needed a large enough tote to hold it all (Lunch, Water Bottles, Paperwork, purse…the list is long). This grey one by Century 21 is PERFECT, it has a depth of 5 inches which is a must in my world and it is tall enough that every thing can be jammed in there! This Leather Tote by French Connection is nice too, I’ll be it, a bit pricier…and I am drawn to leather as it has a sturdier exterior so it won’t fall over when I plop it down for a second to zip up a kids jacket as we rush out the door.

  5. TWO 17 oz Stainless Steel Water Bottles

    LAST (kind of) but not least is my much needed water bottles. I try to drink water through out my work day and I must admit I just don’t like the tap water at work. So I bring two bottles to work each day that I fill up from home with the goal that they will both be empty by the end of the day. The stainless steal water bottles are my favorite because they keep the water cold as well as having twist on lids to make sure no leaks happen when they are in my tote along side any paper work or worse….my cell phone!

Since I am on a roll sharing this Working Mom’s Top 5 Items under $50 I feel the need to share these two Bonus Items I CAN NOT live without:

Audio Books!

My drive to work after I drop my kids off at school is about 30 min and honestly I have tired of the music that is out there and never seem to have time anymore to read a good book. But OH how I miss a good book. So I have turned to audio books and am in love.

My fav books are the ones read by the author themselves. You feel like you are visiting with a friend. My top inspirational books I have been soaking up recently will be posted soon. Promise! If you want to test out this audio book idea you can get a free book through or just down load one from the itunes store.

Click and Collect.

THIS is by far the ULTIMATE can not live with out item of my working mom world. I have been saying for over a decade that stores need to start doing this and finally it has come! I just wish I somehow made it actually come to fruition so I could reap some profits lol! So when our local grocery store started to do online grocery orders I jumped onto that so fast I became a guinea pig. Since then other local stores have begun to do this too and I take FULL advantage. I am IN LOVE!

So that’s it, My Working Mom’s Top 5 Items under $50 list plus two bonus ones cuz I love you too much not to share!

I hope this list finds you well and inspires you in some way to make things a little easier within your own frazzled life….because, can I be honest? I do not believe any mother lives a life without frazzle…is frazzle a word?

FRAZZLE on my friends!

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