Scroll Saw Wooden Heart Bunting

Have you seen these words together before?

Scroll Saw Wooden Heart Bunting?

I am sure I am not the first to think of using wood for bunting decor but I am going to pretend like I am!

Wooden Heart Bunting gives ordinary bunting a boost!

I love how different it can look just adding one more textile.

How to make Wooden Heart Bunting:

First cut out the hearts using a scroll saw. I used scotch tape to hold two thin boards together as I made my cuts. This helps double up on the heart output. I highly recommend this step!

Next drill two holes per heart for the rope to fit through.

Tip: Put tape on the end of the rope to create a needle tip. It is easier to thread the rope through the wood this way.

Finally add some fabric bunting to soften up the wooden heart bunting look.

I liked how romantic the eyelet fabric looked with this valentines project.

What do you think? Want to try to make your own wooden heart bunting?

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