Sew an infinity scarf: stay warm & look good!

How to Sew an infinity scarf:

Its really quite easy to sew an infinity scarf. This makes for a great beginners sewing project.

First find your favorite fabric, something that is soft and pretty.

Buy about a meter and a half.

Put it in the washing machine first to preshrink it.

Next I suggest wrapping it around your neck with the degree of slack that you are comfortable with and cut it to that length plus an inch.


This particular infinity scarf I made for a petite person. I didn’t make it as long as I normally would so I suggest adding at least another 6 inches to the 58 inches you see pictured below:

Fold the fabric in half (raw side out) and stitch the edges together leaving about three inches on both ends un-sewn.

Once you have done this then pull the fabric through so that the good side is now facing out.

Turn your infinity scarf right side out.

It is now time to pin the ends together BUT make sure it has right sides together. Look at below pictures to guide you.

Sew the ends together and then turn it right side out.

Now it is time to hand sew the rest of the opening.

Pin it so the raw ends face in, it will give it a finished look. Hand stitch the rest together.

The end!

Now wear that infinity scarf proudly, and tell everyone you made it!!!!

Ok, seriously. I couldn’t resist posting this picture of my boy. He was cold so I gave him the infinity scarf. He is a total cutie running around with his cool new hair do & the infinity scarf. And check out that dandelions he picked for me 🙂 I am in love.

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