Life Update 2017

Well, I have clearly been absent from this site….and no one has noticed. lol!!!!

Why? No one asked….

Because I got a job! I’m officially a secretary!

Let’s rewind a minute.

All summer long I was in a mini state of panic. My baby was headed to grade one……GRADE ONE! This means only one thing, He. Is. In. Full. Time. School.

What was I to do!?!?

If I am honest I will admit that I was looking forward to the first month. I could blog to my hearts content, catch up on all the photo books I have fallen behind on (Romans baby book still sits unfinished, gasp!), get organized and catch up on all the cleaning I keep “meaning” to do. The walls are screaming “Boogers and Fingerprints can’t hide here!”

But after that first month…would the walls close in on me? Boogers and all? Would my eagerness for silence begin to turn on me? Or would I end up getting fit!?! That could be good…or become a better cook? Perhaps a happier, healthier, well rested mother?

Well, These questions never had a chance to be answered.

Probably for the best….because I figured one thing out in a real hurry. Just because the kids are in school does NOT mean that life slows down. It actually picks up speed! And the teachers expectations on home work is near insane….(roll eyes here).

So the job….how did it happen? I wasn’t out looking for one that’s for sure but I ended up hearing through the grapevine that my old job was available.

My old…old….OLD job. Like I haven’t worked there in over a (Ahem) DECADE…old job!

Of course I figured I should apply and see what happens. Well I was asked for an interview and then shortly there after I was offered the job! I am so incredibly thankful to have gotten this job this year.

  • It fits with the kids school schedule perfectly.
  • Let’s me use my mind in a way I haven’t done in a long time.
  • Gives me a chance to interact with other adults!
  • AND it is flexible so when the kids get sick I can still be the mother I want to be and give them all the attention and care they need.

It is weird that this job came back to me after 10 years but I love that I can look back and see that God had all this figured out. So why did I spend my summer worrying? I could of saved me all that stress if I would have just remembered that God has got me covered!

With the new job in mind I will probably not be as quick to post, however I have a plan. The plan that I had from the beginning when I named this blog Tamara’s Joy. This is supposed to be a space where I can share my joy. And yes a lot of my joy this summer came from my kids, hubby and hobbies….and I mostly shared about the hobbies….but I want to share more. More of what brings me joy in my lifes journey.

So here it is.

Today, my new job is bringing me joy!

Praise the LORD! Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. Psalm 106:1 NIV


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