This Canadian Mom’s Favorite winter coat

Hello WINTER, it was you who made me need a favorite winter coat! After all I HATE to be cold!!!

For some reason I always wish for winter to disappear after Christmas. But the reality is that winter shows up to stay after December 25th around here.

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As a Canadian boy mom who HATES to be cold I needed to find me a winter coat that could be used while running errands, sledding, going for walks, attending church & wearing over a pretty dress out on a date night. ALL While staying toasty warm.

Too much to ask? I thought so….but then I found my Favorite winter coat. It really does do it all! YAY!

My Favorite Winter Coat is from Eddie Bauer

I found this coat at Eddie Bauer and thankfully it was a sweet boxing day sale of 50% off. Phew! It was regular $339 Canadian before tax. Which, honestly is totally worth it for this coat. But thankfully for my wallet I didn’t have to pay the full sticker price.


It is called the Eddie Bauer Women’s Sun Valley Parka and comes in so many colors, (12 to be exact).

I love that it is nice and long to keep me warm but the zipper can be “undone” from the bottom so when I sit I don’t have it bunched up in my waist.

The Hood (with detachable fur) looks super adorable but also snaps off so I don’t have to have it with me all the time.

I got this coat in the Light Grey Color, this color has a bit of shimmer to it which makes the coat a nice addition to a fancier dress. And YES I need a parka to get me from point A to point B in these winter months.

So now that I have my favorite winter coat I am prepared for any date night.

I ended up buying the size Small (I am 5ft 4in and a medium most everywhere) but because it is a bit form fitting I wanted it to be a bit snug. I can still fit a hoodie on underneath but have a little less movement in my arms when I reach forwards. The size medium looked good on me too I just really wanted it to look good on when I wear it with dresses.

So now you know what is my favorite winter coat!

This Canadian boy mom’s favorite winter coat is the Sun Valley Down Parka from Eddie Bauer.

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